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Palliative Care

One of the markers of a high functioning society is how well it cares for its chronically ill and dying patients. Here at Health New Lynn we believe most strongly in providing compassionate, excellent, accessible, 24 hour palliative care for our patients. 

Our doctors and nurses are skilled in palliative medicine and consider it a privilege to be with patients and families in this most important of times. When asked, most people want to be able to pass away in their own homes, supported by family and loved ones. We go out of our way to provide this, if this is a patient and family’s wish. It is an emotionally and physically demanding time, but in the end very reassuring for families to be able to offer this last special care.

We work closely with all the Auckland Hospices:

West Auckland Hospice, North Shore Hospice, Mercy Hospice and South Auckland Hospice.

There are also resources available at Hospice New Zealand.

We are here to help in any way we can, so please contact us if we are not already involved with your care.

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