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Men's Health

Men are very important and need to stay well for their families.

Most people when they think about mens’ health consider only erectile dysfunction and sexual issues. 
These are very important matters, and here at Health New Lynn, our doctors are very skilled in helping men and couples with these conditions. Make an appointment with any doctor you feel comfortable with to look after you. This link provides up to date, unbiased information. 

However, mens’ health is actually more than this. Most men are particularly known for not having regular medical checks which are very important and we encourage all men to have a regular medical check up at least every three years.

During your appointment you will have your blood pressure, height, weight, and heart checked. We will check for any pointers in your past history, and family history that might need further investigation. We will do blood tests checking for a range of conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol and anaemia, prostate and bowel cancer, and anything that particularly concerns you (please note —  we will hassle you if you smoke or drink too much).

We look forward to catching up with you.

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