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Spirometry - Lung Function

If you are concerned about your lung function, call and make an appointment for the Spirometry clinic  or discuss with your doctor.

Decreased lung function is common if you  are over 40 years old and are a smoker or ex-smoker.

Health New Lynn doctors recommend you should have baseline spirometry.

Spirometry is the term given to the basic lung function tests that measure the air that is expired and inspired. There are three basic related measurements: volume, time and flow. Spirometry is objective, non-invasive, sensitive to early change.

It is performed to detect the presence or absence of lung disease, quantify lung impairment, monitor the effects of occupational/environmental exposures and determine the effects of medications.

Our nurses are trained in spirometry  and hold spirometry clinics at varying  times  throughout the week.
Cost $60.00.

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